Review & Send Tab

The Review & Send tab is your final stop before sending your mailing. Here, you'll have the chance to check the look and feel of your content, test your personalizations, and ultimately send your mailing to your subscribers!

You can quickly navigate to the different subsections fo the Review & Send tab using the provided links:

  • Check Content
  • Get Feedback
  • Send

Check Content

As above, you’ll want to review the look and feel of your mailing before you send it. You can review three different versions of your mailing:

  • HTML
  • Mobile HTML
  • Online

Simply click any of the corresponding buttons to view the different versions.

You can also preview the text version of your template.

Personalization Test

Run the Personalization Test to ensure that all mailing recipients have valid personalization field values in your mailing. Note that you can only check Informz personalization values; integration values cannot be tested.

Virtual Inbox Test

Run the Virtual Inbox Test to see how your mailing will look in a variety of email clients from desktop to mobile.

Get Feedback

The Get Feedback subsection allows you to gather feedback from your colleagues before you send your mailing to your subscribers. You can do this with a Send Test or with the Informz Reviewer.

Send Test

The Send Test lets you send your mailing to specific individuals before it goes to your subscribers.

Click the Test Recipients dropdown to select a test group or a list of email addresses for your test.

Enter a message to add to your subject line in the Prepend to Subject field. Additionally, enter a recipient email address for all test replies.

When ready, click Send Mail Test.

Send for Review

The Send for Review option lets you use the Informz Reviewer to gather feedback.

Click the Test Recipients dropdown list to select a test group or a list of email addresses for your review.

Enter a Due Date and Instructions for your reviewers in the corresponding fields.

Check the Include test mailing in invitation checkbox if you would like to send a test mailing along with your reviewer invitation.

Use the Email Comments to the Author, Send an Email to the Reviewer, and Send a Due Date Reminder to Each Reviewer to fine-tune the properties for your review mailing.

Finally, click Send for Review to finish.


The Send subsection gives you everything you need to get your mailing sent and into your subscribers' inboxes.

Schedule Options

You'll have several different scheduling options for your mailing:

  • Send Mailing Now
  • Schedule One-Time
  • Daily or Weekly
  • Monthly

When you select an option, the page expands to let you fine-tune your selection.

Delivery Methods

Additionally, you'll have several different delivery methods:

  • Standard
  • Optimized
  • Distributed

When you've set all your mailing options, click Schedule Mailing to send.

So Many Choices!

Mailing Designer gives you a lot of choices to make sure that your mailing is easy to work with from "beginning to send." Look over the different options on the Review & Send tab and see which ones are right for your organization. And, never forget to test! Remember, you might catch something that could have been easily fixed. Thankfully, with so many testing choices, your mailing is likely to get many opportunities to stand out.