Review & Activate Tab

Once you've finalized your template design, you're just a couple steps away from seeing it in your organization's mailings. Let's look at the Review & Activate tab, where you'll be able to take a final look at your template before it's ready to go.

The Review & Activate Tab

The Review & Activate tab is divided into two parts – one part for checking your content and one part for activating your template. You can easily navigate to either part using the jump links at the top of the page.

Check Content

As above, you’ll want to review the look and feel of your template before you activate it. You can review three main versions of your template:

  • HTML
  • Mobile HTML
  • Online

Simply click any of the corresponding buttons to view the different versions.

You can also preview the text version of your template.

Finally, you can preview the look and feel of your template in different email clients and browsers using the Virtual Inbox Test.

Click Run Test to run the Virtual Inbox Test.


The Activate Your Template heading lets you see the status of your template. Click Activate to activate your template.

When you have an active template, you can choose to Deactivate it or use it in a mailing.

What If I Need to Make Another Change?

Never fear! If you ever need to edit an activated template, simply deactivate it and edit it like you would any other template. Note that when you do, Informz prompts the people creating mailings to let them know that there was a template change. They'll have the option to update their mailings accordingly.