Resubscribe Process

If a subscriber has been unsubscribed from a client's mailings through the Informz system, then later decides to resubscribe to receive future communications, there are a few ways this can be accomplished.  


If subscribers locate the mailing through which they originally unsubscribed, they may click the unsubscribe link in that mailing, directing them to a form where they may select the modify option (which allows them to resubscribe).  

If this process does not work for someone, because they cannot locate the original mailing containing the unsubscribe link or as a result of customizations in the form or preference management process, a client user with appropriate account access may locate the subscriber through a subscriber search and edit the subscription status.

Once subscribers are resubscribed, they are once again sent messages associated with their profile.

If a group of email addresses have been accidentally flagged as unsubscribed (such as during the upload process), the client may contact their advisor and request to have the group resubscribed in bulk, rather than having to resubscribe each entry individually.  

Permission is Critical

The Informz commitment to permission-based sending practices precludes Informz staff from performing a bulk email list resubscribe for reasons other than accidental unsubscribes without evidence of renewed consent from the individuals associated with that list. If your organization would like to request that Informz staff perform a bulk resubscribe for an email list on your behalf, please have an authorized user with appropriate authority provide the following information with the request:

  • Contact File: Include all pertinent subscriber information (email address, name, member ID, etc.)
  • Description of the accidental bulk unsubscribe or documentation of renewed consent from the subscribers associated with the resubscribe request.

Informz reviews the request to determine whether the request meets its criteria for performing the bulk resubscribe on the client's behalf.