Responsive Design Mobile Client Support

Responsive design is a tricky thing, so knowing which mobile clients can support your designs can be paramount! Below is a list of mobile clients that support and do not support responsive design.

Client Supported Unsupported
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Native Client x
iOS (iPhone/iPad) Gmail Client x
Android 4.x Native Client x
Android Outlook Exchange (Native via Client) x
Android App x
Android Gmail App x
Android Yahoo! Mail App x
Gmail (Android Browser) x (Android Browser) x
Yahoo! Mail (Android Browser) x
Windows Phone 7 x
Windows Phone 7.5 x
Windows Phone 8 x
BlackBerry OS 6 x
BlackBerry OS 7 x
BlackBerry Z10 x
Kindle Fire Native Client x
Samsung Galaxy S3+ Mail App x

Check the Reports

If you're pondering whether or not to use responsive design, make sure that you check your reports! If you have a greater number of mobile device users, you'll want to bolster your mailings with responsive designs to make those mailings appear perfectly on smaller screens (responsive design "responds" to the screen resolution!).