Report Builder

Reports are important to any strategist, and Informz's Socializer provides many different built-in reporting options. However, sometimes you may need something that focuses on the data points and metrics that are important to your social media approaches. No worries! By using the Report Builder, you can create a report that fits your specific needs.


Initial Steps

Navigate to Measure > Report Builder. You’ll arrive on the New Report page where you’ll be prompted to create a report. Enter a Report Name and Report Title. Then, set the default period you want to gather data from.

Click Select Layout to open the Layout page. Here, select a format for your report. You can choose from the following options:

  • 1 Column
  • 2 Columns
  • 1-2 Columns
  • 1-2-1 Columns

Click Create Report to open the Add Modules pop-up window.

Add Modules

You’ll select the different modules you would like in your report in the Add Modules pop-up window. Click the Plus (+) icon to add new modules to your report. You can select a maximum of 30 modules.

If you need to remove a module, click the Remove (X) icon.

If you’d like to add modules that relate to a specific channel, click the Channels tab. As above, once you’ve identified the module you would like to add for that channel, click the Plus icon to add that module to your report.

When ready, click Close to close the Add Modules window (you can still add modules to your report later). This saves your report, which becomes available from the My Reports option in the left sidebar.

Viewing and Sharing Reports

Navigate to Measure > My Reports. Select the report that you would like to load. Here, you’ll have several options:

  • Add Module: Click to add modules to your report.
  • Share: Share your report with other Socializer user accounts.
  • Print: Print your report; you’ll see a print preview so you can see how your report looks before your print.
  • Email: Email your report immediately or schedule a time to email it automatically.
  • Full Screen: View your report in full screen mode.
  • Live: Click to retrieve a URL from Socializer that you can share with clients, etc. Note that this URL can be viewed outside of your socializer account.
  • Edit
  • Copy
  • Delete (this cannot be undone).

Click Filter Date to choose a specific timespan to see data from. Note that Socializer only stores data for 90 days! If you need to track data for longer periods, make sure to regularly export data from your account.

Finally, you can upload a logo to brand your report and add a name, company address, etc. to your report.

Empirically Speaking...

While there are many factors that contribute to reports, having direct evidence about how your audience engages with your social posts and other media can be exactly what you need to support a new initiative or an important course change. Take advantage of custom reports whenever you can!