Repairing Broken Image Links

If you move an Asset Manager image from one folder to another, the URL path for that file changes. As a consequence, you may find that these images are not loading in your mailings. This is because everything is linked from the Asset Manager itself. Ultimately, if you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need to repair the link.

Before You Begin…

Be mindful when testing your images with potential broken paths in a mailing. If you have the image cached in your browser, you may find that they seem to load just fine! To ensure that your mailings test correctly, clear your browser cache.


There are two ways to repair links from the Asset Manager:

  • Uploading the Image again
  • Updating the URL manually

Let’s look at both methods.

Uploading the Image Again

Click the Insert/Edit Image icon and select the originally uploaded file and insert it into the mailing again. This places the image in the mailing and establishes a new path to that image.

Updating the URL Manually

Updating the URL is slightly more involved, but an excellent option when you do not want to reinsert an image multiple times in multiple locations. Essentially, updating the URL saves you navigation steps and mouse clicks, making your update process more efficient!

Before you get too deep, however, make sure that you are aware of your organizational/folder structure. For example, if you have a folder named "Mailings," you'll need to know how to add that folder to the URL.

For example, if your original URL reads "" and you later move the image (Swiss_Lake.jpg) into the new "Mailings" folder, you'll need to append the URL path to include the folder location so that it reads ""

Begin in the HTML Editor (for a template, story layout, etc.).

Click the Insert/Edit Image icon.

Reinsert the image as above, and copy the corrected Image URL.

Click Insert to save your changes.

For each additional copy of the image (in one mailing or across several), you can paste the copied URL. As above, this saves time by eliminating the need to reinsert the image from the Asset Manager repeatedly.

Archived Mailings

Once a mailing is sent and archived, image links in that mailing cannot be updated. Knowing this, please plan carefully before doing a major image file clean-up. You may opt to live with a less than optimal file management structure for a while until the likelihood of subscribers accessing older mailings decreases to a negligible amount.

Alternatively, you can create a new folder hierarchy for newly uploaded images, but leave the old structure in place until a later date in the future. This all depends on the reason for doing the file clean-up. If slow performance is slowing down your team, because thousands of images are in the root folder level in Asset Manager, you may need to move forward with this clean-up because the productivity of your team is of greater importance than the visibility of some images in really old mailings.

To summarize, archived mailings, which act as a snapshot of your sent mailings, are not updated with new image paths. If an image is removed from its initial folder within Asset Manager, and that mailing is viewed, this rendering of the image will fail.

A Stitch in Time…

If you ever notice that images are not rendering in your mailings, make sure you check to see if the link is broken. If so, use the steps above to remedy the problem. Be sure to test regularly. Remember, if you catch it before you send your mailing, you’ll save yourself some extra work!