Remote Target Groups - Static vs. Dynamic

It is important to understand if your remote target groups in your integration are static or dynamic. Let's look at what this means:

  • Static Remote Target Group: When the underlying data changes, the results stay the same until you re-run the query. This means that the target group represents a point in time (like a report) and does not update automatically. You'll have to update the query manually in the remote system.
  • Dynamic Remote Target Group: When the underlying data changes, the results change automatically.

With these definitions in mind, let’s delve a bit more deeply into some details about remote target groups.

Static Remote Target Groups

All of the Informz API (Application Programming Interface) integrations generate static remote target groups. These groups enter Informz as interests, and they remain static until they are manually refreshed.

Note that if you are integrating via the Informz API, you have the option to make interest groups refresh automatically on the integration side. The YourMembership (YM) integration currently does this on a daily basis.

Dynamic Remote Target Groups

Several integrations with Informz allow you to “sync on publish.” This means that when you send your mailing, you’ll automatically re-run your integration query to retrieve the latest data. This is what makes your remote target group dynamic. After all, whoever was in that query may have changed over time! All UPI (Universal Partner) and iMIS integrations have dynamic remote target groups.



With the Informz for iMIS integration, target group information almost always updates in real time. The only exception occurs when a subscriber in iMIS is added to or taken out of your iMIS database altogether. However, you’ll still experience a “sync on publish,” making the remote target group dynamic.

netFORUM Pro

There is sometimes a lag in the sync between netFORUM Pro and its queries. For example, if you make changes to a query, and then immediately send to the target group generated from that query, the you may find that your changes have not yet populated in Informz. This is because the netFORUM Pro messaging job sometimes takes a few minutes to propagate in Informz.

Please note that this lag typically occurs in test environments – it rarely occurs when sending a live mailing.

Static Electricity and Dynamic Equilibrium

Just like the critical scientific concepts above, it’s important to understand the “science” behind static and dynamic remote target groups. For more integration-specific information, check out the related articles.