Remote ID Personalizations

Informz allows you to use the Remote ID as a personalization value in mailings in integrated accounts. This uses the %%REMOTE_ID%% placeholder tag. It pulls information from the remote_key_ident field in the subscriber table and replaces the tag with the corresponding value in the sent mailing. This does not affect the default values for personalizations.


Open the Mailing Designer and navigate to the Design tab.

The Remote ID option is available in the Mailing Designer in the Personalization toolbar icon.

In the Insert Personalization Codes window, click the Select a Personalization Type dropdown list and select Personal Info.

Click Insert. The personalization code now appears as part of your content.

Using Integrations to Keep it Personal

It's a fact: personalized mailings receive more attention than generic ones. By leveraging both Informz and your integration, you can make your mailings far more appealing to your subscribers.