Queues and Campaign Reports

While you’ve probably checked out Socializer’s queues, you may not be aware that they come with a bonus: campaign reporting! This means, quite simply, that you can track statistics for any queue you’ve built using Socializer’s Reports Builder. Information you’ll find includes metrics about all your posts, the best days to post, the number of likes or retweets you received, etc. Let’s learn how.


Navigate Measure > Report Builder to build your report.

When the Add Modules pop-up window opens, click the Campaigns tab.

Identify the queue you’d like to investigate further and then click the corresponding Plus (+) icon.

A new window opens where you can add queue-specific details. Simply click Add to add a tracking component from that queue to your report. Note that Socializer looks to the specific social platforms for information, so different queues may have different report options.

Click Close to close the window and save your report.

General Content Campaigns

Remember, queues are essentially “general content” campaigns, so once you have them in place, you’ll have all the metrics you need to make them succeed.