Question Bank

The Question Bank is where you can store survey questions that you may want to reuse. Using the question bank makes it easier to build surveys because you simply select a previously created question and place it on a survey page. Every time you create a question, you have the option of adding it to your question bank.

Add Existing Question from the Question Bank

To add an existing question to a survey page, simply click the Add Existing Question button to access the question bank. The questions appear in a dropdown menu, or the question bank can be searched based on keyword, question type, or question folder. Click the Update button and the question appears on the page.  

Keyword Search

Here, you can search any term that may be present in the question you want to add tp help speed up the process.

Question Type

To find the question you're looking for, you can also use this drop down box to narrow down your search by the different types of questions.

Question Folder

This is where you can also search for a question in any given folder that you may have made and stored it under.


Here is where you can manually search for a simple question that you have previously used or added to the Question Bank.

Questions is Sub-Question

This section holds any question that may also have a sub-question as a part of it. This is separate from the simple "Questions" because it is a little more complex.

Putting a new question in the Question Bank

Every time you make a new question, there is an option automatically selected for you to add it to the Question Bank

Store 'em Up!

This is a great way to stay organized and create surveys quickly and with ease!