Protech Single Sign-On

The Informz for Protech integration has a built-in Single Sign On (SSO) feature that allows you to access Informz directly from Protech's CRM marketing lists.

SSO is available to UX 8 online users who have both the CRM4M Core and UX Informz Role security roles assigned to their CRM user record. These roles are defined through Protech.

Additionally, these users must have an Authorized User account in Informz. To check for an authorized record, navigate to Admin > Authorized Users > Manage Users.

SSO to Informz (from within a CRM Marketing List) navigates directly to the Target Group page in Informz. Click Login to Informz to log in.

Additional UX Online 8 Integration Details

The Informz for Protech integration synchronizes CRM marketing lists and list members with Informz subscribers in interest target groups; each CRM marketing list that is flagged to synchronize with Informz ultimately becomes one of these target groups. Informz uses the name of the CRM marketing list as the name of the target group.

The integration manages Informz subscribers who unsubscribe from future mailings. Please note that unsubscribing is a global action - these subscribers are removed from all target groups. The integration does not allow for opt-outs from a single target group.

Accessing Informz from the CRM

As above, in UX Online 8, click Login to Informz to log in. This button is available in two places:

  • The Record toolbar.
  • The List View toolbar.

Clicking Login to Informz from either location opens Informz in a new browser window.

Single Sign-On Saves Time

By employing Protech's SSO capabilities with Informz, you'll find it easy jump to the exact place you need to be to manage your target groups.