Protech How to Manage Unsubscribers and Resubscribers

An unsubscribe occurs when subscribers indicate that they no longer wish to receive mailings. When list members unsubscribe through a link in an Informz mailing, their action is recorded in Informz. These unsubscribes are global actions - the action removes subscribers from all Informz target groups in which they exist.

Managing Unsubscribers and Resubscribers

Identifying Unsubscribers

In Informz, navigate to Subscribers > Reports > Unsubscribes and click Submit to generate the corresponding report.

Unsubscriber Updates in Protech

In UX Online 8, the Informz Unsubscribes Nightly Process system job manages all subscribers who unsubscribe from a mailing that was delivered from a target group. The job runs nightly (at a user-requested time), and can be scheduled to run more frequently if necessary.

The UX system job updates the Contact Preferences of the underlying contact record in Protech. This toggles the record's Email Communication Preferences from "Allow" to "Do Not Allow."

For dynamic marketing lists, these records no longer meet the conditions in the associated query because they are set to "Do Not Allow." They are dynamically removed from the marketing list.

For static marketing lists, the system job does not remove a record from the list. This process must be done manually by the Protech user who manages the marketing lists. Ultimately, you'll need to monitor changes to the Email field in the contact record using the UX Contact Audit Log report and remove the contact from the marketing list.

Resubscriber Updates in Protech

Currently, there is no direct resubscribe integration with Informz, and changing the Contact Preferences for a record in Protech does not resubscribe that record in Informz. All resubscribes must first be managed through Informz and then manually updated in Protech (both preferences and marketing lists). Note that Informz resubscribes must be performed through an admin update.

Additional Details

All subscriber and mailing statistics are maintained in the target group subscriber record in Informz. No mailings initiated in Informz are tracked in Protech. Likewise, no target groups created in Informz are tracked in Protech.

Subscriber's Have a Choice!

It is always a subscriber's prerogative to choose whether or not to receive mailings. Making sure that you are on top of these changes in both Protech and Informz ensures that all your records line up perfectly.