Protech CRM Marketing Lists

CRM Marketing Lists are a fundamental component of Protech and Informz because they ultimately become the target groups that you'll use in your Informz mailings. Marketing lists fall into two categories:

  • Static: Lists that contain a set number of member records that must be maintained manually in the marketing list.
  • Dynamic: Lists that contain a dynamic list of member records based on the Advanced Find query used to the build the list of members. As their name suggests, dynamic lists update dynamically - whenever you open the list, you'll trigger an update that retrieves any members who now meet the query criteria.

In this article, you'll learn how to create both types of list and how to add members to these lists.


From the navigation toolbar, navigate to CRM > Marketing heading > Marketing Lists. This opens the My Active Marketing Lists page of all existing marketing lists.

Click New to create a new marketing list.

The New Marketing List page opens. Here, you'll enter the following details under the Information heading for your new list (required fields are noted):

  • Name (Required): Enter a descriptive name for your marketing list. This becomes the target group name in Informz, so use a naming convention that is easily recognizable.
  • List Type (Required): Click to toggle between Static and Dynamic list options.
  • Purpose: Enter a brief purpose for the list.
  • Targeted At (Required): Click to select Contact from the dropdown list. Note that you must select Contact for Informz lists (Account and Lead are invalid).
  • Source: Enter a source for the list members.
  • Currency: The default user's currency.
  • Modified On: This field is system-controlled and tracks the most recent date the list was modified.
  • Cost: Enter the anticipated cost.
  • Last Used On: This field is system-controlled and tracks the most recent date the list was used.
  • Locked: Do not change the default value ("No").
  • Owner: This field is system-controlled and identifies the user/owner of the list record.
  • Description: Enter a brief description of the list.
  • SynchToInformz: Do not change the default value ("No"). Synchronization is set after you have built your list and added members. Click here to learn more about syncing in Protech.
  • Informz Expiration: Enter an end date for the CRM to Informz process. Syncs of the marketing list with Informz end on this date.

Click Save on the top toolbar to save your list setup.

Adding Members

The steps for adding members are based on the type of marketing list you create (static or dynamic).

Adding Members to a Static Marketing List

Access your desired marketing list and click Manage Members.

Select one of the following options:

  • Add using Lookup: Find members to add to the marketing list using the Lookup Records window. Here, you can select any records you wish to add.
  • Add using Advanced Find: Find members to add based on Advanced Find search criteria. Note that this is the recommended approach for static lists because you can build your search criteria to include active records that allow mailings and contain an email address. Create a query and select the records you wish to add.
  • Remove using Advanced Find: Use this to maintain your static list after you have added records.
  • Evaluate using Advanced Find: Use this to view members in the list based on search criteria so that you can update the list.

When ready, click Save & Close to finish.

Adding Members to a Dynamic Marketing List

Access your desired marketing list and click Manage Members.

The Query window opens.

Build your dynamic query based on your target records. As a best practice, consider the following criteria:

  • Active records.
  • Records that allow mailings.
  • Records that contain an email address.

When you've built your query and are satisfied with the results, click Use Query to save these criteria for your dynamic marketing list.

Click Save & Close to finish.

Static or Dynamic...

As above, and regardless of whether they are static or dynamic, your CRM Marketing Lists ultimately become target groups in Informz. These lists can be as simple or as sophisticated as your organization needs, so be creative and consider the best ways to target your subscriber base!