Profile Fields Overview

Profile Fields are where you store attributes about your subscribers. These include free-form fields, called personal information, and picklists, called demographic categories. You can also create flags to indicate if a subscriber is a member of an interest group or an opt-out group.

Personal info is a field that accommodates a variety of data types. It is used when as a personalization field in mailings and can be used for targeting too.

A Demographic Category is a field that has a limited set of values. A few examples would be gender, state, or country.

An Interest is a way to organize your subscribers. It is also a way for you to build an interest-based target group to use as a list to send mailings to.

Opt-outs are a way for subscribers to indicate that they wish to stop receiving a certain type of mailing, as opposed to universally unsubscribing from all your mailings.


Navigate to Subscribers> Profile Fields

Select the type that you want to create

Organize by Folders

All of your Profile Fields are organized by folders depending on what you create. On the right hand side of the screen you will see a menu bar. To navigate into different folders, select the drop down box. 

Size of Icons

You can also change the size of the icons by selecting the first icon on the left for a larger view. For a smaller view select the icon on the right. The larger view will show you the default value for personal info and demographics.

Multiple Pages

Each page has the ability to show 500 fields. If you go over 500, at the bottom you will have the option to sort by pages.

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