Profile Fields - Demographic Categories

A Demographic Category is a Profile Info field limited to a set of values. A few examples would be gender, state, and country. For gender, you might have the choices be Male, Female, or Prefer Not To Say. You create these Demographics as the values within the Demographic Category.

If you place a Demographic Category on a Data Input Form it displays as a dropdown control. This makes it very easy for subscribers to select something for their profile.

Demographics, for a Demographic Category, can be brought into Informz via the Subscriber Upload feature. If you do this, ensure that the incoming data values are exact matches to corresponding values in your demographic category.


Navigate to Subscribers> Profile Fields

Click Create in the upper left hand corner

Select Demographic Categories

Click Create

Enter the Field Name

Select Type:

  • Standard- Select this for anything besides State and Country
  • State- Select this if you want Informz to auto populate all of the States
  • Country- Select this if you want Informz to auto populate all of the Countries

Inserting a Default Value is optional. This will be used in personalizing mailings when field is empty for a subscriber.

Select a Selection Type and a Display Type using the corresponding dropdown lists.

Click Save.

A new window appears where you can add your demographics.

Click Add

Name the Demographic

Click Save

After saving, you return to the Demographic Categories screen and you will see the demographic you just created. Repeat the process to add more demographics. For the example of gender, you would add the Female, Male, and Prefer Not To Say options here.

Once finished, click Save.

Using Demographic Categories

The best thing about creating Demographic Categories is that when they are created as Profile Info fields, they automatically become Target Groups too. If you wanted to send a mailing out to all of your female subscribers, you can easily do this.

Keep in mind that once the Demographic Category is created you must give careful consideration before deleting it. If it is used on a Data Formats or in a Compound you want to be aware of this. Informz will display an error message if you try to delete a Demographic Category that's in use somewhere else in Informz.