Process Tab

While most of your landing page work will be completed in the Design tab, it is critical to understand the functions of the other tabs in the Landing Page Designer. These tabs, while dependent on the work you do in the Design tab, contain features that allow you to complete the landing page process.

In this article, you'll learn about the Process tab.

The Process Tab

The Process tab allows you to configure what happens after a subscriber completes a landing page form.

The process tab contains the following options:

  • Change the user’s profile: Click in the Auto-subscribe interests field to add any automatic interests to assign after subscribers complete the form.
  • Redirect the user: Click the dropdown list to redirect subscribers to another landing page, a web page, or an uploaded PDF file (PDFs are uploaded in this tab by selecting File).
  • Auto-fill: Allows the form to auto-fill information (the checkbox is unchecked by default). This feature is designed for profile management, and if subscribers access the form via a mailing (when this option is checked), their information auto-fills. Please note that if subscribers forward the mailing, the original subscriber’s information carries forward. This means that if forwarded recipients open the mailing and access the subscription form via the links, they could potentially overwrite subscription and profile information for the original subscriber.
  • Notify: Enter any email addresses that will receive notification any time a form is completed and add a note to those recipients.
  • Follow-up mailing: Select a follow-up mailing to subscribers who complete the form. You can copy an existing mailing or create a new one.
  • Add user to a campaign: Adds subscribers that complete the landing page form to an Informz campaign. Note that you need to have an active campaign for this option to be available.

Additional Information About Auto-Fill

When users enter information into Landing Page forms, they can potentially modify their existing records in Informz when leaving non-required fields blank. There are two ways that you can present these forms to users:

  • Auto-fill Enabled: Values populate based on the subscriber information held in Informz. Any changes (including any fields that have been “emptied” with blank values) update in Informz. Any previously-populated fields that are submitted as blank are replaced with the new, empty value.
  • Auto-fill Disabled: Values do not populate based on the subscriber – all fields are initially empty. Any changes, including blank values, update in Informz. Any previously-populated fields that are submitted as blank are replaced with the new, empty value.

Informz displays the following warning message when Auto-fill is disabled:

Clicking Yes submits the form.

Clicking No returns users to the form and allows them to make any necessary changes.

Please note that if users have incomplete required fields, they also see a warning message noting that these must be completed before submitting.

Processing . . . Complete!

Once you've set up everything in the Process tab, it's time to activate your Landing Page! Check out the related articles to learn more.