A preheader is the top section of a mailing; it is appears just beneath the subject line in your recipients' inbox. While this area is often populated with a straightforward message, such as “Click here to View Web Version,” you should use the preheader with something more inviting. This is because recipients see more than your sender address and your subject line – they see the preheader as well! It is an additional tool that works alongside these elements to create a stronger allure. Below are two examples of a preheader in a mailing client:

You’ll typically use a preheader for two main reasons:

  • Marketing: A preheader lets you include additional elements that can draw your recipients into a mailing.
  • Preview: A preheader gives recipients a sense of what content you’ve included in a mailing.

Preheaders are easy to add in Informz. Let’s look at how in both Template Designer (TD2) and Mailing Designer (M2).

Template Designer

Preheaders are built into all templates in TD2 (both blank and gallery templates). In fact, you’ll see the preheader on the canvas before you add your first layout!

To enable a preheader location in your template, simply click the placeholder.

The only property control for the preheader location is the text style dropdown list. Click it to select one of the following styles:

  • Standard Text 1
  • Standard Text 2
  • Standard Text 3

Note that you cannot move preheader locations. Additionally, they always use the template theme’s background color.

Mailing Designer

When you use a template with a preheader location in MD2, you’ll see a placeholder for your preheader content.

Click the placeholder to open the rich text editor and add content to your preheader.

Prime Real Estate

Think of your preheader as an extension of your subject line in the inbox. It is both a first impression and a preview that occupies a valuable location in your message!