Posting Videos to Instagram with Socializer

Although Instagram initially staked its claim in social media by posting still images, it is rapidly becoming a video platform as well. Having both static and moving imagery in your social media approach creates something for everyone that views your social media networks.


Navigate to Services > Add Service. Locate the Instagram option and click Add.

The Add Instagram window opens. Click Setup next to Instagram Post.

You'll need to log into your Instagram account and allow Socializer to access your account. You are now able to monitor your Instagram account!


One important note is that Instagram limits posting functionality from third-party apps. While you can now post single images directly to your Instagram account, direct publishing of video files is still prohibited. To allow users full management of their Instagram accounts, Socializer allows you to schedule posts with video files as you normally would, and then sends you an email with all the content for the post. Simply copy and paste this content directly into Instagram. You can even include multiple email addresses on your notifications.

Instant Access

More people would rather watch than read, so make sure to add a strong video presence to represent your organization on social media.