Personify360 Writebacks - Unsubscribe

There are five methods that unsubscribe a subscriber, and their behavior is different depending on whether the unsubscribe was initiated in Informz or Personify360.

Unsubscribing from within Personify360

When a Personify360 administrator unchecks the Allow Email flag (setting it to false) in Personify360, Informz will unsubscribe the subscriber. This change occurs with the next sync between Informz and Personify360. In Informz, the unsubscribe reason will be Unsubscribed from remote system.

Unsubscribing from within Informz

Unsubscribes are more likely to occur from the Informz side of the integration. These occur when:

  • An Informz administrator manually unsubscribes a a subscriber in Informz.
  • A subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link from within an Informz mailing.
  • A subscriber has a repeat bouncer status in Informz.
  • The Informz admin unsubscribes bounces using a report in Informz.

In these cases above, Informz will do the following:

  • Log the subscriber as unsubscribed in Informz.
  • Send an unsubscribe writeback activity to Personify360. This includes the Informz account name (handy in case there are child accounts in use,) the time and date the unsubscribe occurred, and the unsubscribe reason (if available).
  • Set the Do Not Solicit by Email flag to true in Personify360.

Synchronizing Unsubscribes

Unsubscribes are stored in a queue. The queue is polled every ten minutes looking for new unsubscribes to be sent back to Personify360. The reason is sent if available.