Personify360 Writebacks - Resubscribe

There are two methods that resubscribe a previously unsubscribed customer, and their behavior is different depending on the system in which the unsubscribe was initiated.

If the initial unsubscribe was generated from within Personify360 (by an admin setting the Allow Email flag to false), and the admin later sets the flag to true, Informz will resubscribe the customer upon the next sync with Personify360.

If the initial unsubscribe was generated within Informz by an admin, or if the subscriber clicks the unsubscribe link within the mailing, the only way to resubscribe is to do it manually in Informz. When this occurs, Informz will:

  • Send a resubscribe write back to Personify360.
  • Set the Allow Email flag in Personify360 to true.

Resubscribes are stored in a queue. The database is checked every ten minutes to look for new resubscribes to be sent back to Personify360.


With the resubscribe writeback, you can easily keep your Informz and Personify360 databases aligned. This ensures that subscribers are receiving the mailings they requested!