Personify360 Writebacks Overview

If the writeback feature is enabled, Informz can send data to Personify360 for the following elements:

  • Unsubscribe
  • Resubscribe
  • Invalid Email Address
  • Mailing Activity
  • Interests (IPM)

This data is presented in Personify360 in the Activity section of a constituent record. During the initial integration setup, Informz provides clients with a database script to run. This will add the Activity Codes in Personify360 where the Informz writeback data is stored.

There is an Informz Writeback Message Queue that stores the activities sent back to Personify360. This queue can be viewed from the Bridge Configuration page using the Writeback List option.

To access this page, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration and click Writeback List.

Unsubscribe, resubscribe, invalid email, and interest (IPM) writeback activities are sent automatically to Personify360 and require no additional action by users. You can also send mailing activity writebacks, but these need to be sent manually or set up to run automatically within the account.

Writeback Statuses

The writeback process between Informz and Personify360 initiates every ten minutes from Informz. Informz gathers all new writebacks from the queue and marks the records as Processing. The writebacks are then, in turn, sent to Personify360. When the process is complete, the writeback status is changed to Sent and the date and time of the send is appended to the record.

If a writeback was unable to send, regardless of reason, the status will be set to Error. The writeback will automatically retry two additional times. If it still fails to send, the retry option will become available manually. Reach out to your Advisor to determine why the writeback was unable to send.

If mailing activity is being sent, and there are no Personify360 recipients in the target group associated with the mailing, the status will change to No Remote Recipients because there are no corresponding records in Personify360.

When the mailing activity sends automatically,. the writebacks in the queue are set to Scheduled. When they are sent (at their scheduled date and time), the status will change to Sent.

Viewing Writeback Activity in Personify360

To view writeback activity for a Personify360 constituent, navigate to Customers and Committees > CRM360.

Enter the email address of the desired constituent and click Search.

Click System Activities in the left sidebar (under the Background Information heading).

The left column will show the activities for the constituent. The right column will show the activity details.

Knowing Writeback Status Saves Time

Being able to ascertain the status of your writebacks will help you to clearly understand where things are in the process. Whether you are looking in Informz or Personify360 now you know where to look.