Personify360 Target Groups

Marketing and Communication lists created in Personify360 can be used as target groups in Informz. These lists are found in the Personify360 MKT Lists target group folder.

Personify360 MKT Lists are displayed like other target groups in Informz - you can view the list name, subscriber count, etc. The Informz target group list displays the name from the Personify360 MKT List Description field followed by the Personify360 List Code in parentheses.

Overview Information

Hover over a Personify360 MKT List target group and click Info to see the subscriber counts based upon the last sync.

These syncs occur automatically during an overnight process or manually by clicking Resync Now (found on the Overview tab).  Also, upon publish of a mailing, we will sync the target groups being used in the mailing to pull the most up to date subscribers.

Click the Subscribers tab to view a list of individual subscribers.

The Details tab helps users understand how the starting number from Personify360 (Total Records from Personify360) becomes the number that Informz uses (Distinct and Valid Email Addresses from Personify360).

List Leverage

Taking advantage of the marketing lists built in Personify360 is a great way to leverage the data in Personify360 in a very efficient way. An investment of time learning how to create MKT Lists in Personify360 is one that will yield high returns for all of your marketing and communications teams.