Personify360 Syncing with Informz

When Informz and Personify360 sync, data is passed from one system to the other. There are two types of syncs that occur in the integration:

  • Retrieving Marketing and Communication lists from Personify360 (and all fields used for personalization).
  • Retrieving Personify360 customers within a specific Marketing and Communication list.

There are six events that trigger a sync between Personify360 and Informz. The first five occur when a user:

  • Logs into Informz.
  • Sends a mailing list from Informz.
  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List for the Personify360 MKT List target group type.
  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List on the Bridge Configuration page.
  • Clicks Resync Target Group  on the Count Details page (this will sync subscribers).

Additionally, there is an automatic sync that runs overnight from Informz. This retrieves both Marketing and Communication lists and customers within that list from Personify360.


A login sync, caused by user login, occurs when ten minutes have elapsed since the last sync of Personify360's MKT Lists and the list of personalization field names. This sync:

  • Updates the list of target groups from Personify360.
  • Updates the available fields used for personalization from the Personify360 personalization view.

Mailing Send Sync

When a mailing is set to be sent, the Personify360 target group associated with that mailing is synced to include the most recent Personify360 customers in the corresponding Personify360 MKT list.

Manual Refresh

When you click Refresh Target Group List, Informz requests any available Marketing and Communication lists and all personalization fields (defined in the personalization view) from Personify360. There are two ways to access this function:

  • Through the Target Group page (Subscribers > Target Groups > Personify360 MKT Lists).

  • Through the Bridge Configuration page (Admin > Setup > Bridge Configurations).

Overnight Sync

Informz initiates an automatic overnight sync job that refreshes groups target groups modified within the past seven days or used in a mailing within the past 90 days.


Now that you've learned how to sync with Personify360, you will never need to worry about keeping your associated lists/personalizations refreshed and up-to-date between Informz and Personify360!