Personify360 Regenerate Marketing Lists

Syncing allows you to refresh your list of subscribers that belong within a target group, and it occurs manually when you click Sync Target Group or Resync Target Group. This allows you to see an exact list of subscribers at that point in time.

However, you can also automatically refresh your target groups, saving you time and effort. There is only one additional step you need to consider: you must set up a MKT Job to refresh (aka "regenerate") the MKT Lists in Personify360 at your desired frequency. This will keep your subscriber information current, and when you send a mailing to a target group, Informz automatically syncs the list of subscribers with Personify360.

There are two types of MKT Jobs that you can set up:

  • MKT 510 (ad hoc - run once before using MKT 600)
  • MKT 600 (scheduled)

Data pulled into Informz will be up-to-date as of the last list refresh. The MKT 510 job must run initially (prior to the MKT 600 job).

Note that the MKT Jobs are set up within Personify360 and not within Informz. When setting up a MKT Job, here are some basic considerations:

  • For each list, decide the automatic refresh frequency (daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Create a job setup code for each frequency that you wish to schedule.
  • Schedule the  MKT 600 job to refresh of all the lists that have been defined with a regeneration frequency.   You will need to create schedule the job for each regeneration frequency separately.
  • Set up MKT600 jobs to run concurrently if many MKT Lists need to be regenerated.

Now that you have a sense of what you need to do, let’s look at how to set the Regeneration Frequency in Personify360!

Setting the Regeneration Frequency in Personify360

Navigate to Marketing and Communication > List Maintenance.

Search for the desired to list to refresh. Double click to access the list.

Click Optional Information.

Click the Regeneration Frequency dropdown and select a frequency.

To schedule the MKT600 Job within Personify360, navigate to Reporting > Job Scheduling.

Click Create New.

Click Search.

Double click MKT600.

Click Select.

Select the Setup Code you wish to schedule for that job (for example, Daily, Monthly, etc)

Select the schedule pattern (recurrence rate).

Add a Begin date (and an End date if desired).

Click Save.

Note that you need to create a separate scheduled job for each of the different setup codes based on the different regeneration frequencies that you have defined.

Other Considerations

Regeneration Frequency can become an important part of your marketing strategy, especially when you make it align with your mailing schedule! Make sure that you let your staff know (a) your MKT Job Regeneration Frequency and (b) that they can still use the Sync Target Group or Resync Target Group buttons to bring in the latest and greatest list of subscribers.

Taking Care of the Hard Part So You Don’t Have To!

While it may seem like a small bit of heavy lifting up front, setting up a MKT Job with your desired Regeneration Frequency eliminates the burden of having to manually refresh your target groups every time you make a change in Personify360. Think of it this way – once you have everything in place, you can sit back, relax, and let the automatic stream of information flow from Personify360 to Informz!