Personify360 Personalizations

Informz pulls data from Personify360 and uses the corresponding fields to personalize a mailing. You select a personalization field to insert into a mailing from the editor toolbar.

Personalization fields have a code with the following format:


The data to fill the code will be retrieved from Personify360 during the Mailing Send process.

Note that personalization data is not stored locally in Informz. The data is collected from Personify360 just before you the mailing is sent from Informz.

Using the Personalization View in Personify360

To personalize mailings, Informz requires a custom view in your Personify360 database. This view is set up during the implementation process (when first establishing an integration between Informz and Personify360). You may require assistance from Personify to create the view.

The view must contain the required fields listed below:


You can include as many additional fields as desired to meet your personalization needs. For example, you may use First Name, Last Name, Company, City, etc. Informz will only display the personalization fields included in this view.

Any time fields are added or removed from a view, the DLL files must be regenerated from within the Personify360 Database Designer. The regenerated files must then be shared with Informz. Likewise, if your instance of Personify360 is upgraded, or you have a service pack installed, you will need to recreate the view, regenerate the DLLs, and share them with Informz. Just let your Advisor know if either of these situations arise.

Personalized Power

Personalizations are an integral part of your mailings, so it is important to make sure that you have everything set up and maintained correctly. However, once you do, the benefits will be exponential!