Personify360 Marketing Lists - Queries

The Informz for Personify360 integration uses Marketing Lists (MKT Lists) to build target groups in Informz - the lists of Personify360 constituents that will receive mailings as subscribers from Informz. Once you have a list in Personify360, you can create target groups in Informz. MKT Lists are created in two steps:

  • Creating a Query List
  • Creating a MKT510 Batch Job

This article focuses on creating a Query List.

Creating a Query List

Begin in Personify360. Navigate to the Marketing and Communication tab and click List Maintenance.

Click Create New.

There are three main steps to follow to create a MKT List:

  1. List Information
  2. List Creation
  3. Optional Information

List Information

Enter a List Code. This becomes the target group name in Informz.

Add any details that help you identify the query.

Click the Creation Method dropdown list and select the query type (this example uses a Data Analyzer Query).

You’ll build your query based on your selected Creation Method. This displays a contextual Query Builder. Enter all the necessary details, and, when complete, click List Creation on the left.

List Creation

The List Creation step contains additional criteria for your query.

  • Ensure that the Do Not Solicit Preferences checkbox is checked.
  • Optionally, check the Only Include Current Members on the List checkbox to refine your selection. Click Define Constituents to Exclude from the List to identify groups of constituents to exclude from this subgroup.
  • Optionally, check the Promotional Communication checkbox to identify this query for promotional mailings.

When complete, click Optional Information on the left.

Optional Information

The Optional Information step contains optional criteria for your query. The most important of these for the Informz for Personify360 integration is Regeneration Frequency, which is used as a category by the MKT 600 batch job to define how often you refresh your list.

Click the Regeneration Frequency dropdown list and select one of the frequency options. This categorizes your query for the MKT 600 batch job.

When complete, click List Creation to return to the List Creation page.

Click Create List to create your query.

Personify360 opens a pop-up window to indicate that the list was created successfully.

Viewing the MKT List

Navigate to Marketing and Communications > List Maintenance.

Enter any search criteria in the provided fields.

Click Search (no values are necessary to display all lists).

Personify360 displays all search results that match your criteria.

What About Informz?

Never fear! The lists created in Personify360 become target groups in Informz. Remember, target groups are part of the heart and soul of your marketing campaigns, so understanding how they emerge can provide some extremely useful insights into your subscriber base.