Personify360 IPM Overview

Integrated Preference Management (IPM) for Personify360 allows your subscribers to manage and update their own email preferences. Their current preferences are displayed in real time, and any changes to the associated form are updated in both Personify360 and Informz. This all occurs via an Informz form and does not require the subscriber to log into Personify360.

There are several benefits that come with IPM. You can have several subscriber-defined fields in Personify360 that Informz can use to create different personalizations, and perhaps more importantly, target groups. Likewise, you can bring over interests from Personify360 to populate your data input forms and to manage your subscribers' opt-in/opt-out preferences.

Remember, the fields ultimately exist in Personify360. They are then used as interests in Informz. Check out the related articles or contact your Advisor for more details.

Setting Up IPM for Personify360 in Informz

The Integrated Preference Management extension must be turned on in your Informz account for the IPM for Personify360 features to work. Contact your Advisor at Informz to ensure that this extension is active.