Personify360 IPM Interest Management in Informz

When you've set up your Opt-In and Demographic Interests in Personify360, Informz pulls these interests into its database. There is a small amount of initial work that your Informz Admin must complete to make these interests available. Once available, you can immediately begin to use these interests to personalize your mailings and content and to create target groups!


Selecting Personify360 Interests in Informz

Please note that anyone with the Administrator permission can perform the following steps.

Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Click the Folder dropdown list and select Integration Interests.

The list of Personify360 Interests opens.

Click Manage Integration Interests to open the Manage Personify360 Interests pop-up.

You will see a complete list of available Personify360 interests. You can make an interest available in Informz by checking it or remove it from Informz by unchecking it.

Click Refresh to refresh the list of interests. Click Save  to save any changes.

Renaming a Personify360 Interest in Informz

You can create a display name for a Personify360 interest in Informz. A display name is most often different than the interest name in Personify360 - it is an Informz-only name that is generally used to help subscribers understand the what they are updating when changing their preferences.

Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Click the interest you wish to modify. This will open the Edit Integration Interest pop-up.

Enter a display name in the Name field.

Click Save.

Note that if you rename a Personify360 interest in Informz, the Profile Fields page still displays the original name from Personify360.

Neat and Tidy

It's important to get a good sense of how you want to manage your integrated interests in Informz. Consult with your staff and come up with a good strategy to keep everything well-organized. You'll be glad you did! With your interests kept in top organizational shape, they will be easy to understand and use. After all, once they are available, you'll want to dive right in and use them!