Personify360 IPM Add Interests to a Form

An interest is a way to organize subscribers into a specific group in Informz. For example, you frequently use interests to denote subscription preferences for your subscribers. These are found on a subscription management web form allowing them to opt-in to one type of email communication or another.

Interests are also useful tools for creating specific mailing groups for other items as well. These include people to invite to an event, people that purchased a specific product, or perhaps people with a certain status.

One special quality of an interest is that a corresponding target group is created automatically with each interest. This makes it easy to use the interest as the basis for a target group in a mailing.

Regardless of what you are trying to group together, an interest is a great way to do it!

Personify360 interests can be added to a Data Input form. Let's look at how.


Begin by creating a Data Input Form.

To create a Data Input form, navigate to Subscribers > Forms > Data Input Forms.

Identify your desired form, and click the Profile Info icon.

Click Add Interest.

Click the Interests dropdown list and select the desired Interest.

Enter the ordinal position (first, second, third, etc.) in the Order field.

Click Update. The interest will appear on the form in the designated position.

Auto-Subscribe Interests

You can add auto-subscribe interests to form as well. Let's see how.

Click Add Input Form (alternatively, click the Modify icon).

To add interests, scroll down to the Interests heading.

Click Add. A new window opens with several interest options, including the Personify360 interests.

Select the desired interest and click Add Interest. Repeat this process for each interest you wish to add to the form.

These interests will appear as auto-subscribe interests (they are automatically selected when subscribers complete the form).

Complete the form and click Update when finished.

Interesting AND Useful!

Once you've added a Personify360 interest to your Data Input form, you can take full advantage of all the benefits that come with both Data Input forms and with Personify360!