Personify360 Bridge Configuration

As great as it is to be able to get EVERYTHING from Personify360, sometimes you don't need everything! You can manage the attributes (used for target groups, personalizations, etc.) that are used to connect data between Informz and Personify360.

Configuring the bridge between Informz and Personify360 takes place on the Bridge Configuration page. To access this page, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.


Click List of Attributes to display the Personify360 fields that you can use for personalization or data formats. If you do not wish to use a particular field for data, simply uncheck the corresponding checkbox.

Doing this reduces the list size of available personalization fields making selection by staff faster and more manageable. In the event you have a future need of a field that you suppressed, you can easily check the Is Valid checkbox reenabling it.

You can also edit the Comment, Display Name, and Personalization Default fields. These attribute settings will stay within Informz; they do not affect data in Personify360.

Click Submit to save your changes.


Click Check Connection to verify that Informz can connect with Personify360. If you have any trouble with your connection, contact your Advisor.


Remember, editing your bridge configuration is an easy way to give you the power to determine which attributes you want connected between Informz and Personify360. As always, if you have any difficulty, never hesitate to contact your Advisor!