Personify360 Apply a MKT List Filter

By default, Informz brings over all Personify360 MKT lists and displays them as target groups. This is great for an organization with one location. However, if you have multiple (usually larger) departments with very specific targeting needs, or if you work with a network of chapters or sections, you may want to narrow down the number of MKT Lists that they see.

Informz has the ability to apply a MKT List Filter so that only a specific set of lists is brought into a specific Informz account. The filter is set on the Informz database at the account level. Because of this, you must contact your Advisor to set up this feature. However, this feature may also be requested during the implementation process.

MKT list filters are advantageous for organizations that use Informz's parent/child account structure. With this feature, your organization can use sub-accounts and segment the lists that are shared within a sub-account. For example, if you have an organization chapter in New York City, you can use prefix text (such as "NYC") to filter the associated MKT lists.

Filtering For the Win!

Filters are a powerful tool that you can readily leverage with Personify360. They make it easy to locate exactly what you need to develop sophisticated target groups in Informz. Make sure you contact your Advisor if you wish to use them!