Personas Overview

Understanding your audiences is something every communications team strives to keep on top of. The way in which you communicate with an undergraduate college student is likely different than a freelancer with ten years experience and different again from an executive with thirty years experience.

Developing Personas is a traditional marketing and product development technique to uncover the attributes associated with key stakeholders of your message. These attributes include "head data" usually found in a database and "heart data" that goes more to their aspirational goals. For example, one persona may strongly relate to "being able to leave the office by 5:00 pm every day" - that's what's important to them - whereas another cohort may yearn for challenging and stretching educational opportunities to help propel their professional development. Both are valid, both are different.

Once you get going, how general or detailed you get is up to you. This persona essentially becomes the avatar that represents a group of your audience.

We define personas using various types of target groups along with accompanying narrative. This article shows you the mechanics of creating a persona. To really get to the nitty-gritty work required to flesh out the personas appropriate for your organization, talk to your Advisor.


Navigate to Marketing Automation > Personas.

Click Create.

Enter a name for the Persona, select an avatar image for the Persona, select the target group that represents the Persona, and enter some of the conceptual details of the Persona for the descriptions.

Click Update.

The target groups represent the head data referenced in the opening paragraphs of this article.

Note that some integrations will automatically create member types as personas in Informz.

Who's On First?

As you new subscribers appear, to Informz, they are automatically sorted into the appropriate Persona. If a subscriber meets the criteria for more than one Persona, they will be assigned to the first persona, working top to bottom. You can change the priority of the Persona by clicking on the green tab click and dragging the persona to change its order in the list.

Putting the Persona to Work

Once the Persona has been built into Informz, it can be used in a multitude of ways. You could simply use it as the target group for certain mailings; this would allow you to use story-level targeting to really customize the content and the tone of that content for each specific demographic of the audience. Or you can use it to get an accurate idea of how each demographic of your audience is interacting with your mailings.