Personalization Target Groups

Building a personalization target group lets you focus your mailing around your subscribers' personal information (anything you gather from organization to city of residence to favorite color!). Personalization target groups are built from specific Personal Info fields.

Let's assume that we've built profile fields for everyone in the sample set below. In this example, we will build a target group for everyone in subscribers with a company of "ABC."


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click Create.

The Create Target Group pop-up will display. Click the dropdown list and select Personalization.

Click Create.

Enter a Name for your target group in the corresponding field. Additionally, click the Folder dropdown list to select a folder for your target group (this example will use the Personalization folder).

Click Next.

Click the Personalization Fields dropdown list and select the personalization field to target. In this example, select Company Name. The page will expand to show the Target Type and Target Values options.

  • Target Type: These options allow you to select your target type. You can choose to target completed or blank values, specific values, or value ranges.
  • Target Values: These fields allow you to specify your target values.

In this example, select Specific Value.

Enter the target field value.

Note that you can also use the percent sign (%) as a “wild card” value. Wild cards will account for variations within the Personalization. For example, if you enter the value “ABC%,” the target group will include all variations, such as "ABC," "ABC Association," "ABC Incorporated," etc. You can place wild cards before and after the value:

  • ABC% (all variations after the value)
  • %ABC (all variations before the value)
  • %ABC% (all variations before and after the value)

Be careful when using the wildcard before and after the value. If the exact value exists for different entries (such as “The ABC Association” and “ABCO Inc.” – two different entities), the target group will capture both values!

When ready, click Update to create your target group. It will now appear in the list of target groups in your selected folder.

Investing in Personalization

Remember that a personalization target group can work with any personal information you capture (so long as it isn't demographic information, that is!). You can review your reports and statistics to understand how your subscribers' specific personalizations affect your mailings. If you do, you can harness this information in your subsequent mailings. The dividends will be enormous!