Personalization Overview

Personalization is a way to do a "mail merge" with your mailing. Informz takes data about an individual subscriber, and places it into a mailing story, subject line, friendly from, survey question, or landing page to personalize the message.

Informz personalization draws data from a subscriber’s profile Info (Personal Info and Demographic Categories), Invoicing, or an Integration. These fields are initially populated either by data through uploading a list, completing subscription form data, manually modifying a subscriber record, or performing an integration sync.

As long as the data exists in the subscriber’s Informz profile (or, in the case of integrations, in the subscriber's record in the remote database), you can use personalization in your mailing!


Insert personalizations using the HTML editor. To begin, click the Personalization toolbar icon.

The Insert Personalization Codes window opens.

Here, click the Select a Personalization Type dropdown list and select from the following options:

  • Personal Info
  • Demographic Categories
  • Transactional Mailings (only available if the transactional module is active in your account)

Additionally, if you have an integration, you can select personalization codes from that integration (the integration becomes available in the dropdown list).

Select a Personalization Code from the resulting list.

Click Insert to place it in your mailing.

Personalization Format

Personalizations in Informz are surrounded by two percent symbols (%) on either side. They always use the following format:


Keep it Personal!

Personalizations can be used in many different places in Informz (e.g. subject lines), so be empowered and experiment with different personalizations and configurations. Remember, adding a personal touch goes a long way toward keeping your subscribers engaged.