Paste Story Content as Plain Text

Quite often you'll develop content outside of Informz, or receive content from other contributors as an email attachment. In order to have the best control over the formatting and layout of this wonderful content. it's best to paste it into your story as plain text and then use Informz to apply formatting and styling.


Click the Paste as Text button in the toolbar

Click the Ok button from the informational dialog

Paste copied content into the editor by holding down CTRL+V on the keyboard

After pasting is complete, select the Paste as Text button again. The button will revert to its normal light gray background indicating that it's not active.

With your content cleanly and effortlessly in your story, your next step is to apply the format and style options you want.

Some Things to Keep in Mind...

All styling and HTML elements will be stripped out of the content when the paste as text feature is turned on.

Ask your content creators to forego any formatting and just focus on the words. When you are working in a multi-contributor team structure, work toward a "less is more" approach which helps streamline creating, editing, importing to Informz, and subsequent formatting.