Overview of Known Users

Known Users are people who have visited your website, and whose identities are known to us because they can be traced back to an existing subscriber record in Informz. Unknown users are people who visit your website that we cannot associate with an existing subscriber record.

By establishing the identity of a subscriber who visits your website, you can keep track of how this subscriber interacts with the site that has the Informz Web Tracking code on it. You can then take that data and use it to build target groups of subscribers that are based on how they may or may not have interacted with your website.

Establishing Known Users

Subscribers who receive an Informz email from you, and then click to your website will become a known user. Additionally, every time they return to the website their activity will also be recorded in Informz and assigned to them. The web tracking code will place a 1st party cookie on their web browser to make this connection. A 1st party cookie originates from your website, not Informz or another 3rd party, so it is less likely to be blocked. If they clear their cookies or use a different browser or device they will look like a new website user until they click on another Informz email.

When viewing the Web Tracking in formation by going to Marketing Automation > Web Tracking, you see information on all of the sessions on your web site. You can also specifically see the sessions for known users, and in the known users tab, you will see the list of individual email addresses that are your known users. Additional details can be added as to how they have interacted with the website you are tracking.

Who Can It Be Now?

To reiterate the eternal question posed by Australia's Men At Work, "who can it be now?" Wonder no more, Web Tracking tells you exactly who some of the visitors on your site are. Beyond that, Known Users are essentially the subscribers that are getting pulled into the lists that we create as our Web Tracking target groups. Being able to tie the identity of these Known Users to a subscriber record will allow you to easily pull subscribers into specific campaigns based on their session activity, or even just provide a quick and easy way for you to build lists of subscribers to follow up with based on the different ways that have interacted with your site.