Mailing Summary Report Snapshot

You want to do the right thing so you want to look at your mailing activity reporting. Looking at these reports one by one, is great, but it's laborious and you have a very narrow view. What about the "big picture" view and how about saving some time? The Mailing Summary Report is an answer to your prayers for both efficiency and insights.

You can take a whole bunch of mailings, in one fell swoop, and get a better picture of your mailings' performance. Better insights with less work? Sounds good to me. It all starts with the Snapshot.

Getting Insights from the Snapshot Summary Report

Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing > Summary Report (or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings > and click Reports in the upper right corner. Once you have done so, you may follow the steps to filter the exact mailings you are looking to report on.

Click the View Reports tab.

Expand the Answer Marketing Questions in the Reports panel.

Select Snapshot.

Upon clicking on Snapshot, a handful of useful charts display on the right side of the screen. High-level delivery, open, click, and unsubscribe stats are at your fingertips!

Share Your Insights

Not only do you get a report; you also may export it as an image file or print it on the spot. Clicking on the icon on the report and select the file format you'd like to export to.

The Snapshot you Need!

Looks like you are going to be the hero at the next marketing meeting. Regardless of the stats, you'll find the information necessary to adjust the sails of your mailings.