Organize Subscriber Lists

Organization is very important! Every once in awhile it is a good idea to go through your old target groups and keep everything organized. Informz target groups are sorted by folders. These next few steps will show you how to navigate through these different folders to see what kind of target groups you've got kicking around.

Steps - Adding Columns

Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups

To customize the view select Columns

Add the columns Folder Name and Last Used Date by clicking on the plus sign + to the right of the field name.

Steps - Opening All Folders

Now we are ready to look at your Folders.

By default, Informz displays the Main Folder

Change this to All Folders.

This will give you all of your target groups in one list!

Steps - Sorting The List of Target Groups

You may need to further filter a big list so you can work on one set of target groups at a time. You can do that clicking a column header to switch between ascending (A to Z) and descending (Z to A) sort orders.

Click on a column to sort

Cleaning House

Once you've identified those target groups that you don't really need anymore, delete them! To delete a target group check the check boxes on multiple target groups and then select Delete.

Organization is key!

Keep your folders organized and up to date by following these steps! Want to learn more about target groups? Check out the related articles.