Template Designer Options Tab

The Options tab is where you'll set high-level properties for your template.

The Options Tab

There are several fields on the Options tab. These are divided into two sections headings:

  • Template Properties: High-level properties used to locate and identify your template.
  • Envelope: Default mailing properties (from address, friendly from, and reply-to address) associated with the mailing.

Template Properties

  • Template Name: Enter a name for your template. Changing this name automatically updates the name located in the top right of the designer.
  • Folder: Click the dropdown list to select a folder where the template can reside.
  • Status: This indicator lets you know the current state of your template (In Progress or Active). Note that only Active templates can be used in mailings.


  • From: Enter a from address that subscribers see in their inboxes.
  • Friendly From: Enter a name that subscribers see in their inboxes. This name is associated with the from address
  • Reply To: Enter an address that subscribers can reply to.

So Many Options!

Okay, so maybe there aren't that many options, but each one is important! Remember, each option you set in the Options tab becomes a default part of any mailing that uses your template.