Mailing Designer Options Tab

The Options tab is where you'll set high-level properties for your mailing. There are three main subsections in the Options tab:

  • Mailing Properties (Name)
  • Targeting
  • Envelope

Mailing Properties (Name)

There are several options available in the Mailing Properties subsection.

Enter a Mailing Name. This is for your own organizational purpose, so subscribers won't this.

Click the Folder dropdown list to select a folder for your mailing design.

Click the Accounting Code dropdown list to select an accounting code for your mailing.

Tentative Send Date

A good way to stay organized is to set a tentative send date for each mailing. By doing so, everyone on your team will know "who's sending what, when" by simply taking a peek at the Informz calendar. If you have concerns about sending too many mailings, or if you need to keep oversight over other child accounts using Informz, this is an invaluable tool.

Click Tentative Send Date

A new window appears where you can select your tentative send date and time.

Sharing the Mailing Activity Report

If you would like to automatically share the mailings Mailing Activity Report, check the box.

Click the Share Report dropdown to select when to share the report.

Enter any report recipients' Email Addresses (maximum 100 addresses).

Enter a Message to any report recipients.

Check the Allow access to the Details Tab box to give recipients additional information from within the report.

Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics, you can check the corresponding checkbox for each site that you are tracking.


Targeting it where you set the recipients for your mailing. See How to Set Target Groups for more details!


The From email address is displayed next to the "Friendly From." Some bounces and all out-of-office replies go to this address.

The Friendly From is the name that subscribers see in the "From" field.

Enter the Subject Line for mailing recipients.

NOTE: Subject Line is a required field. If you don't replace the default text (Sample Subject) when creating a mailing, the system will prompt you when you try to navigate away.

Click the Personalization icon to add any Informz personalizations to your subject line.

The Reply To address receives all email replies.

A/B Testing

You can A/B test your Friendly From and Subject Line. When you select either option, the Envelope page expands to allow you to enter an "A" version and a "B" version.

NOTE: Both Subject Line fields are required. If you don't replace the default text when creating a mailing, the system will prompt you when you try to navigate away.

Options When You Need Them

You can set your mailing's options at any time in the mailing creation process. Just remember that you'll need to set at least one targeting option before you send!