Opt-Outs as Interests

Opt-outs allow your subscribers to stop receiving a specific type of mailing you send from your Informz account (rather than universally unsubscribing from all of your mailings - note that you always need to include a universal unsubscribe link!).

Opt-Outs as Interests

As a best practice, you'll want to create your opt-outs as interests. There are a couple major reasons for this practice. First, you'll be able to see the specifics of each subscriber within an opt-out interest (such as email address). Second, you'll be able to easily manage the use of the opt-out interest within your mailings. Simply exclude all members of the opt-out interest, and you'll be good to go!

With this bit of information in mind, let's take a look at how to create opt-outs as interests.


Create an Opt-Out Interest

Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Click Create.

In the Add New Profile Window, click the dropdown list and select Interest.

In the Add Interest Window, enter a name, target group folder, and description for your opt-out interest. As a best practice and to keep everything aligned, always name your opt-out interest in a way that parallels your main interest. For example, if your main interest is named "Training," your opt-out interest might be named "Training Opt-Out."

Click Save. Your new opt-out interest now appears in the list of interests.

Add an Opt-Out Link to Your Mailing Template

Once you've established your opt-out interest, it is time to add it to your mailing template.

Navigate to Mailings > Templates > View to view a list of all of your existing templates.

Identify the template you wish to modify. Hover over the corresponding Menu icon and select HTML to open the HTML Editor.

In the template footer, identify a location for your opt-out interest link and click the Insert/Edit Hyperlink icon.

In the Insert Hyperlink window, use the following options:

  • Hyperlink Type: Opt-Out Link
  • Opt-Out Form: Select the subscription form for your opt-out interest (the default form is always available)
  • Name: The name of the opt-out

Click Insert Hyperlink.

The opt-out link now displays in the mailing template footer.

Apply the Opt-Out Interest to Your Mailing

With your opt-out interest placed in your template's footer, you're ready to apply the opt-out interest to your mailing.

Navigate to Mailings > View.

Identify the mailing you need to modify. Hover over the corresponding Menu icon and select Edit to open the Mailing Designer. (alternatively, you can create a new mailing)

Be sure to use a mailing that includes an opt-out link (as above).

On the Set-Up tab, scroll down and expand the Advanced heading. The Select Opt-Out Link field is available because you are using a template with an opt-out link.

Click Edit to the right of the Select Opt-Out Link field.

In the Opt-Out Action window, click the Select Informz Opt-Out Interest radio button. The window expands to include two new dropdown lists: Action and Interest.

Set the Action to Add To and set the Interest to the new opt-out interest that you've created.

Click Update to save your changes. Now, anyone who chooses to opt out of your mailing becomes a member of the opt-out interest!

Excluding Your Opt-Outs from Mailings

Now that you have an opt-out interest setup that resides in a template and a mailing, you'll need to exclude that group from your mailings. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using the Set-Up tab in the Mailing Designer.
  • Creating a compound target group that excludes the opt-out interest.

This article discusses the former method. To learn more about creating compound target groups, click here!

Return to the Set-Up tab, scroll down, and expand the Advanced heading.

Click Edit to the right of the Do not send to field.

In the Do Not Send Mailing To window, check the Those in the following Target Groups(s) checkbox. The window expands, allowing you to select the desired target group.

Click the Target dropdown list and select your opt-out interest.

Click Add to List to add your opt-out interest as an excluded target group.

Click Update.

Now, when you send your mailing, you'll exclude everyone who has joined the opt-out interest.

Freedom of Choice

Remember that opt-outs empower your subscribers with the freedom to choose which mailings they would like to receive and which mailings they would not. While you always need to include a universal unsubscribe link, additional opt-outs mean greater flexibility for your subscribers.