Profile Fields - Opt-Outs

Opt-outs allow your subscriber to stop receiving a certain type of mailing that you send from your Informz account (instead of universally unsubscribing from all your mailings). To set up Informz opt-outs, follow these directions.


Navigate to Subscribers> Profile Fields.

Click Create in the upper left hand corner.

Select Opt-Out from the dropdown list.

Click Create.

Name the opt-out.

Add a Description (this field is optional).

Click Save.

Next Step is...

When subscribers click the opt-out link within the mailing, it will take them to the data input form of your choice. You can either create a new data input form or use an existing one. Once your data input form has been established, add the opt-out link directly to your template. To learn how to do these two steps, check out the related articles.

An important note about opt-out links is that their use isn't tracked. If you do want to keep track of their activity, then you should use an interest as the basis for your opt-in/opt-out management.