Opt-Out Reporting

Opt-Out information is a critical component when it comes to understanding your subscriber base. Informz offers information about all your opt-outs to ensure that you are on top of this data.


Navigate to Subscribers > Profile Fields.

Click the dropdown list and select Opt-Outs.

Click your desired opt-out to open the Opt-Out Info window. This window contains three tabs:

  • Edit
  • Counts
  • Subscribers


This tab contains the opt-out name and description, as well as an option to transfer interests using the Interest Transfer button (which lets you transfer interests into the opt-out group).


This tab shows two rows of information:

  • Number of Subscribers: The total number of opted-out subscribers.
  • Number of Distinct Email Addresses: The total number of unique/distinct email addresses associated with the opt-out.


This tab contains a table with columns for Email, Subscribe Date, and Opt-Out Date. You can remove emails from the list by checking the corresponding checkbox and clicking Remove.

Don't Forget About Reports!

Now that you know how to find additional information about your opt-outs, look at the data in your Mailing Activity Reports and Mailing Summary Report. You may be able to make correlations that help you improve your mailings' success!