Opens, Clicks, and Recipients in Mailing Summary Overview

There inevitably comes a day when you ask yourself, "How do my open and click-through rates compare between large audiences and small audiences?" To get a sense of this and other related questions, you can use the Opens, Clicks, and Recipients Report.


Navigate to Mailings > Reports > Mailing > Summary Report (or navigate to Mailings > View Mailings  and click Reports in the upper right corner).

Select the appropriate filters in the Filter Mailings section on the Select Mailings tab.

Click on the View Reports tab to see your filtered list of mailings.

Click on the Answer Marketing Questions subfolder in the Reports panel on the left.

Select Opens, Clicks and Recipients.

A new chart opens that depicts open rates (percent), click rates (percentage), and recipient volume (relatively sized circles). The larger the circle appears, the higher the delivery volume was, and the coordinates on the chart indicate the relationships between click rate and open rate.

This data helps you to see if there's a correlation between the size of the list that you are sending to and the open rate and click rate. Based on this data, you may be prompted to adjust your approach.

Sharing Your Insights

Not only do you get a report, you also may export it as an image file or print it on the spot. Click the icon at the bottom of the report and select the file format you'd like to export.

React To Your Observations!

Every piece of data tells a story. Your conclusions can lead you to further experimentation to maximize your communication efforts with your subscriber base!