Online Version

The online version of a mailing allows your subscribers to view a mailing in a browser. The online version can be a welcome alternative when a mailing is not rendering properly in an email client. Additionally, when subscribers share your content via social media, they'll share the online version. Let's look at how to activate the online version of a mailing.


In the story of a mailing, check the checkbox for Include in Online Version. This can be done for each individual story in the mailing. The checkbox is checked by default.

If you do not want to include the story as part of the online version, uncheck the checkbox.

Click Save to finish.

Keep in mind that any personalizations used in the online version display their default value.

Social Networking

Note that you can also add online versions through social sharing. In the HTML Editor, click Social Networking in the toolbar to open the Insert Social Networking window.

Under the Link the post to heading, click the Web Version of this Mailing radio button.

Click Insert to insert your online version link.


You'll never need to worry about your story expiring; online versions do not have a date limit. They exist forever in Informz. However, while the online version remains in the database forever, it won't display if the mailing has been deleted or (for individual versions) if the corresponding subscriber has been unsubscribed!

Don't Forget...

When using story-level targeting, subscribers only see the information for the target groups they are in. If the online version is checked, and a subscriber goes to the online version, he or she sees any content regardless of whether or not it was assigned to his or her target group. Make sure that you are mindful of the online version when using story-level targeting!