Nimble AMS Personalization

Personalizations are a great way to engage your subscribers, and because the Informz for Nimble integration supports many different personalization fields, you’ll never be at a loss when you need to add some personal style to your mailings. Let’s look at the different options you have available with personalizations.

Personalization Fields

Informz has access to the following default personalization fields from Nimble AMS:

  • Birthday
  • City
  • Country
  • Department
  • Email
  • Fax
  • First Name
  • Home Phone
  • Last Activity Date
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Other City
  • Other Country
  • Other Phone
  • Other Postal Code
  • Other State
  • Other Street Address
  • Phone
  • Postal Code
  • Salutation
  • State
  • Street Address
  • Title

As part of the initial integration setup process, your Nimble AMS administrator must make all fields visible in the organization and enable them for the API. If this step is not completed, the personalization fields are not displayed in Informz.

Modifying Personalization Fields

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of Attributes (also leads to edit).

Click Edit for the corresponding personalization.

You'll see the following attributes:

  • Attribute Use: Allows a Nimble AMS field to display, or not, in the personalization field list in the editor.
  • Internal Name: The Nimble AMS internal attribute name. This does not need to be changed
  • Comment: Used for internal documentation about the use of a personalization fields
  • Data Element: The Nimble AMS name of the field. This cannot be changed.
  • Display Name: Editable to provide a more descriptive name for Informz users.
  • Personalization Default: Used when no value is provided from Nimble AMS. The field populated in the mailing will use what is set as the default.

Inserting a Personalization Field in a Mailing

To select an Nimble AMS personalization field in the Informz editor, click the Personalization toolbar tool.

Personalization codes have the following format:


Note that the data to populate the code are retrieved from Nimble AMS during the mailing send process (personalization data is not stored locally in Informz). The data is gathered from Nimble AMS just before you send the mailing.

Using Copied Mailings

If your mailing is a copy from a previously-created mailing, the mailing references the previously-used target group. If this target group was not a Nimble AMS list, Nimble personalization fields are not initially available for selection. However, once the target group is changed to be a Nimble list, the personalization fields display.

This Time, It's Personal

Active use of personalization can really engage readers. Get to know the fields available from Nimble AMS and apply them liberally in your mailings. Don't forget to add some testing time to see what your readers respond to.