nFE 2014 & 2015 Query IPM Data

You can query netFORUM Enterprise to locate subscriber preferences (the subscriber information written back by Informz). This information, accessed via Integrated Preference Management (IPM), is stored in the MK_Mailing_list table in netFORUM Enterprise. To perform queries on that table, you must first link to it. Let’s walk through the necessary steps to create the link.


Navigate to Modules > CRM > Individuals > Find Individual.

Enter any necessary criteria to retrieve a list of individuals.

Click the Arrow Icon to access an individual record. Scroll down the page and click the More tab. Select Correspondence from the resulting list.

Select Mailing Lists. Click the Edit icon on the right side of the page.

Go to Mailing Lists – on right hand side > click edit. 

Copy and Save the listed SQL (to a notepad file, etc.). This SQL contains the join information that you need later (e.g. mld_mls_key = mls_key).

Click Cancel to close the window.

Click Query Individual on the left side of the interface.

Click the Load an Existing Query dropdown list and select any query that produces more than one result.

Click Run Query at the bottom of the results screen.

Click Edit table list setup.

Click the Plus Icon (+) in the from Tables heading to expand the section.

Enter the following data:

  • From Table Name: mk_mailing_list
  • From Order: Any Number
  • Join Type: Left Join
  • Join Expression: The join information copied/saved from the above SQL (mld_mls_key = mls_key)
  • From Table Alias: (Leave Blank)

Click Save and close the follow-up window.

Setting the Query and Linking to the Mailing List Table

Now that everything has been prepared, you can set up the necessary query and link to the mailing list table.

Navigate to Modules > CRM > Individuals > Query Individual.

In the Query Conditions tab, set the conditions needed for your report. Below is a sample report to show how conditions are retrieved.

Add the following data to Column to Query:

  • Mailing List Detail (entry one):
    • Set the Start Date.
    • Set Greater Than or Equal to.
    • Click Ask at Run-Time?
    • Click Add to Query.
  • Mailing List Detail (entry two):
    • Enter the End Date
    • Set Less than or Equal to.
    • Click Ask at Run-Time?
    • Click Add to Query.

Click the Query Columns tab and add the following columns:

  • Individual: First Name
  • Individual: Last Name
  • Mailing List: Mailing List Name
  • Mailing List: Mailing List Description
  • Mailing List: Mailing List Type Code

Click Run Query.

In the results, click on the Individual record and click Comm. Preferences. The mailing lists display here.

Building a Solid Link

Once you have built your link to the MK_Mailing_list table, you can take full advantage of your IPM data. If you have any questions about the process, reach out to your Advisor.