nFE 2014 & 2015 Target Groups

When you want to create target groups in Informz from netFORUM Enterprise, use the Query Builder Tool in netFORUM Enterprise. Your Abila support team can assist you with any training you need around Query Builder.

Any queries built in netFORUM Enterprise to be used with Informz, must begin with the text “Informz” (e.g. “Informz Subscribers for Monthly Newsletter”). This is how the integration identifies which queries are bound for Informz and which are for use only in netFORUM Enterprise.

One note, queries cannot have ask at run time parameters if they are being used by the integration.

Query Types

Informz supports two types of queries from netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015: Individual and Audience.

Individual queries are built around individuals in netFORUM Enterprise. They contain email addresses that allow Informz to send mailings to subscribers (individuals).

Audience queries (netFORUM Enterprise 2014 and forward) allows even greater flexibility when creating target groups in Informz. An Audience is a collection of queries that have been bundled together to make querying easier. Audiences ultimately allow you to create different combinations of records (based on target groups).

Audiences are normalized – if any of the details of the component queries change, the audience query will automatically update with that change when it is next run.

Sending a Mailing to a netFORUM Enterprise Target Group

Navigate to the Mailing Designer > Set-Up tab.

Scroll down to the Envelope Heading and click the To field.

Click the Select the Target Group for the entire mailing radio button.

Click the Folder dropdown list and select the folder where the netFORUM Enterprise target group resides.

Click the Target dropdown list and select the desired target group.

Click Update.

Other Notes

Prior to netFORUM Enterprise 2014, queries required different fields beyond Email Address and Email Opt-Out Status (currently, these are the only required fields for netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015).