nFE 2014 & 2015 Syncing

Syncing is the process where Informz receives information from newFORUM Enterprise. There are two types of syncs available in this integration:

  • Retrieving the list of netFORUM Enterprise queries.
  • Retrieving the list of subscribers for a particular search from netFORUM Enterprise.

There are four events that trigger a sync between Informz and netFORUM Enterprise:

  • A user clicks Refresh Target Group List for a netFORUM Enterprise target group.
  • A user clicks Refresh Target Group List on the Bridge Configuration page.
  • A user clicks the Info menu option on the Target Group List page.
  • A user sends a mailing to a netFORUM Enterprise target group (a sync will also occur at the time a mailing is being prepared to be sent).

Users can sync (or resync) a target group in Informz by hovering over a target group and clicking Sync Target Group > How Many or Resync Target Group on the Target Group Count Details page. This syncs individuals belonging to a particular group in netFORUM Enterprise to a target group in Informz.

Note that this refresh does not update the counts for queries. You can refresh counts by hovering over the Menu icon for a specific target group and clicking Info.

netFORUM Enterprise remains the database of record, so changes must be made in netFORUM Enterprise itself. Informz will update when a sync occurs. When new queries are syncing into Informz as new target groups, they are initially placed in one of two netFORUM enterprise folders: netFORUM Enterprise Audience Queries and netFORUM Enterprise Individual Queries. When a sync occurs, netFORUM Enterprise runs the query in real time so that the Target Group has the most recent results.

Syncing the List of Queries

Syncing the list of queries retrieves all queries from netFORUM Enterprise that contain the prefix “Informz.”

Click Refresh Target Group List to have Informz request the queries from netFORUM Enterprise. You can access this button from either the Target Group or the Bridge Configuration page.

As above, this does not update the counts for queries.

Syncing Subscribers

Syncs occur for an individual target group, and this process retrieves all the individual records from netFORUM Enterprise that are associated with that query.

View List of Subscribers

To view a list of subscribers, click the Info menu option. The Remote ID (the netFORUM Enterprise Customer Record ID) can be included in the column display in Informz (this is useful when trying to ensure that the correct individual record is available in Informz).

Well-Aligned Information

Syncing is critical because you always want your data from netFORUM Enterprise to align with your data in Informz. By following any of the processes above, you can easily sync information and rest assured that your target groups and subscriber lists in Informz are populated with the most accurate, up-to-date data!