nFE 2014 & 2015 Preference Management

The integration with netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015 now supports Integrated Preference Management (IPM) with Informz. By configuring this feature, subscribers’ communications preferences can be presented without forcing the member to log into netFORUM Enterprise (formerly, subscribers were required to log into a web form through netFORUM Enterprise). Additionally, all synchronization between Informz and netFORUM Enterprise becomes a behind-the-scenes process.

In netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015, categories and subcategories are used as Informz interests. They take the following names in netFORUM Enterprise:

  • Categories: Mailing List Type Codes
  • Subcategories: Mailing List Names

Please keep in mind that it might take some time for new categories and subcategories to display in Informz. This is expected behavior!


Individuals can opt-in to all mailings for a certain Mailing List Type Code via the UI’s check all option (located on the Individual Communications Preference Setup page). These codes display as categories on the Individual Communications Preference Setup page found on the individual profile.

When you expand a Mailing List Type Code on the Individual Communications Preference Setup page, you will see all the associated Mailing List Names.

Subscribers can opt-in to any mailings for a certain Mailing List Type Code or Mailing List Name combination by checking the appropriate box(es).

To use an IPM interest from netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015, the IPM interest (category and subcategory) must be created in netFORUM Enterprise itself. If a category does not have an associated subcategory (and vice versa), the interest will not display in Informz.

All IPM writebacks are visible in the writeback message queue listing in Informz, with the type of Interest.

How to Implement IPM

To implement IPM, first contact your Advisor. He or she will enable the IPM extension in Informz.

Once enabled, create the Mailing List Type Codes (categories) and Mailing List Names (subcategories) in netFORUM Enterprise.

Select the netFORUM Enterprise interests (category/subcategory pairings) that will be recognized in Informz.

Create a subscription management form in Informz. Populate this with the linked netFORUM Interests in Informz.

Incorporate the linked interests into the opt-out link in an Informz template.

Incorporate the use of the preference management form in a template or mailing.

Highly Beneficial

Using IPM with netFORUM Enterprise is the perfect step toward bringing together your subscriber databases into one, amazing unit - leveraging the power of both Informz and netFORUM Enterprise is highly beneficial! Remember, if you have any questions about IPM, please reach out to your Advisor.